General Financial Rules 2017 - Chapter 5: Works

  1. Works which add capital value to existing assets but do not create new assets are called
    1. Original Works
    2. Repair Works
    3. Minor Works
    4. Contingent Works
  2. New constructions, site preparation, additions and alterations to existing works, special repairs to newly purchased or previously abandoned buildings or structures, including re-modelling or replacement are called
    1. Original Works
    2. Repair Works
    3. Minor Works
    4. Contingent Works
  3. Subject to certain conditions a Ministry or Department at its discretion may directly execute repair works estimated to cost up to Rupees
    1. 10 lakhs
    2. 15 lakhs
    3. 20 lakhs
    4. 30 lakhs
  4. A Ministry or Department may, at its discretion, assign to any Public Works Organisation (PWO) repair works estimated to cost above Rupees 30 Lakhs and original/minor works of
    1. above 50 lakh
    2. above 1 crore
    3. above 2 crore
    4. any value
  5. Pick the incorrect one No works shall be commenced or liability incurred in connection with it until
    1. administrative approval has been obtained from the appropriate authority in each case.
    2. sanction to incur expenditure has been obtained from the competent authority.
    3. a properly detailed design has been sanctioned; while designing the projects etc, principles of Life Cycle cost may also be considered.
    4. funds to cover the charge during the year and beyond till completion of the work have been provided by competent authority.
  6. State whether true or false For purpose of approval and sanctions, a group of works which forms one project, shall be considered as one work. Therefore, approval or sanction of higher authority is not required as cost of each particular work in the project is within the powers of such approval or sanction of a lower authority.
    1. True
    2. False
  7. Open tenders will be called for works costing Rupees
    1. 1 lakh to 10 lakh
    2. 2 lakh to 15 lakh
    3. 3 lakh to 20 lakh
    4. 5 lakh to 30 lakh
  8. Limited tenders will be called for works costing less than Rupees
    1. 1 lakh
    2. 2 lakh
    3. 5 lakh
    4. 10 lakh
  9. To review the progress of the work, the Administrative Ministry or Department will set up a Review Committee consisting of a representative each from the Administrative Ministry, Finance (Internal Finance Wing) and the Executing Agency when the estimate cost of approved project is Rupees
    1. 50 crore and above
    2. 100 crore and above
    3. 200 crore and above
    4. 500 crore and above
  10. The Review Committee shall have the powers to accept variation within
    1. 5% of the approved estimates.
    2. 10% of the approved estimates
    3. 10% of the approved estimates
    4. 15% of the approved estimates


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