CCS Leave Rules

  1. The date on which CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972 came into effect is
    1. 1st January, 1972
    2. 2nd April, 1972
    3. 1st June, 1972
    4. 15th August, 1972
  2. CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972 is not applicable to
    1. Persons appointed to the Civil services
    2. Employees of non-statutory departmental canteens
    3. Government servants appointed in subordinate of Central Government
    4. Persons paid from contingencies
  3. Which of the Leave Rules would apply, if a Government servant is temporarily deputed to foreign service in India?
    1. Leave Rules of Foreign Service
    2. CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972
    3. CCS (Leave) Rules and Foreign Service Leave Rules
    4. None of the above
  4. What is the maximum number of days in respect of EL / HPL that can be encashed by a Government servant appointed in Industrial Establishment which is governed by Factories, Act, 1948?
    1. Nil
    2. 240 days
    3. 300 days
    4. 300 + 15 days
  5. When a Government servant applies for a specific kind of leave, the Leave Sanctioning Authority does not have the power to
    1. Sanction
    2. Refuse
    3. Revoke
    4. Alter
  6. A Government servant ceases to have any claim for leave to his credit, if he has
    1. Resigned to take up another appointment in Government service
    2. Retired
    3. Been dismissed
    4. Been reinstated
  7. If a Government servant claims for commutation of one kind of leave into another, he should apply for commutation, within a period of
    1. 15 days
    2. 30 days
    3. 45 days
    4. 90 days
  8. EL can be combined with
    1. Casual Leave, Half Pay Leave, Maternity Leave
    2. Study Leave, Casual Leave, Maternity Leave
    3. Sick Leave, Half Pay Leave, Maternity Leave
    4. Casual Leave, Paternity Leave, Maternity Leave
  9. Casual Leave can be combined with ________.
    1. Special Casual Leave
    2. Earned Leave
    3. Half Pay Leave
    4. None of the above
  10. Which leave cannot be combined with any other kind of leave
    1. Earned Leave
    2. Maternity Leave
    3. Special Casual Leave
    4. Casual Leave
  11. The maximum period of continuous leave of any kind which can be allowed to a permanent Government servant
    1. 2 years
    2. 90 days
    3. 5 years
    4. 365 days
  12. Leave Account of a Gazetted Government servant shall be maintained by
    1. Audit Office
    2. Himself
    3. Pay and Accounts Office
    4. Head of Office
  13. No leave shall be granted to Government servant if he is
    1. On leave preparatory to retirement
    2. Under suspension
    3. To work as an Examiner
    4. To visit abroad with proper permission
  14. A Gazetted Government servant who is a CGHS beneficiary is required to submit a Medical Certificate for grant of leave on medical grounds issued by a
    1. RMP
    2. AMA
    3. Doctor in a CGHS Dispensary
    4. Doctor working in a Private Nursing Home
  15. The Leave sanctioning authority can waive the production of Medical Certificate in case of an application for leave on medical grounds, if the period of leave applied for is less than
    1. 7 days
    2. 3 days
    3. 10 days
    4. 30 days
  16. Mention the maximum number of months of leave that can be sanctioned by the Medical Authority if he is unable to say with certainty that the Government servant will never again be fit for service
    1. 1 month
    2. 6 months
    3. 8 months
    4. 12 months
  17. If an official is recalled to duty before expiry of his leave, he may be treated as _______.
    1. On leave period
    2. On duty
    3. Absent
    4. None of the above
  18. Absence by a Government servant after expiry of leave shall be debited to his leave account as .................. to the extent such leave is due.
    1. Earned leave
    2. Half pay leave
    3. Leave not due
    4. None of the above
  19. What is the maximum number of days of EL that can be held at credit by a Government servant?
    1. 300
    2. 200
    3. 250
    4. 180
  20. _________ number of days of earned leave are credited in advance to the leave account of a Government servant during January and July.
    1. 20 days
    2. 10 days
    3. 15 days
    4. None
  21. What is the maximum number of days of EL that can be granted to a Government servant at a time in one spell?
    1. 90 days
    2. 120 days
    3. 180 days
    4. 300 days
  22. Half-a-day leave can be taken from _________.
    1. Earned Leave
    2. Sick Leave
    3. Casual Leave
    4. Half Pay Leave
  23. EOL is granted to Government servants only
    1. When no other leave is admissible or on request
    2. When Government servant is on notice period of VRS
    3. Before superannuation
    4. None of the above
  24. Encashment of earned leave of up to 10 days at the time of availing LTC is permitted, provided a balance of ........ days of EL is available at the credit of a Government servant.
    1. 180 days
    2. 45 days
    3. 30 days
    4. 300 days
  25. Government servants are not entitled to leave salary while availing
    1. Half pay leave
    2. Commuted leave
    3. Extraordinary leave
    4. Child care leave
  26. Paternity Leave is allowed for ......... days.
    1. 20 days
    2. 15 days
    3. 25 days
    4. 30 days
  27. The maximum period of CCL that can be availed by a woman Government servant during her entire service is
    1. 730 days (2 years)
    2. 700 days
    3. 650 days
    4. 365 days (1 year)
  28. Child care leave is admissible if the child is below _______.
    1. 18 years
    2. 17 years
    3. 21 years
    4. 25 years
  29. In a calendar year, CCL cannot be granted for more than
    1. 2 times
    2. 3 times
    3. 4 times
    4. 6 times
  30. CCL shall be admissible for ___________.
    1. First child only
    2. Two eldest surviving children only
    3. Any child
    4. None
  31. CCL may not be granted for less than ________ days.
    1. 20 days
    2. 30 days
    3. 15 days
    4. No limitation
  32. What is the maximum amount of study leave which can be availed by a Government servant, other than CHS Officers in his entire service?
    1. 24 months
    2. 12 months
    3. 10 months
    4. 15 months
  33. Combination of Study Leave with earned leave shall not generally involve a total absence of more than
    1. 16 months
    2. 24 months
    3. 28 months
    4. 36 months


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  15. A Head Const /Clk can modified a leave putting remarks due to shortage of manpower or change type of leave send to his colleague (HC/GD) before forwarding to the sanctioning authority ?

  16. Ques 12 .Leave Account of a Gazetted Government servant shall be maintained by
    Audit Office
    Pay and Accounts Office
    Head of Office

    Sir ans should be audit office becouse in case of gazetted officer service book and leave account maintain by audit office (in general case)
    If pay and allowance paid by HoO to gazetted officer then leave account maintain by HoO ,its not folloe in all cases


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