Forest Conservation Act, 1980

  1. The Forest (Conservation) Act was enacted in the year:
    1. 1986
    2. 1974
    3. 1980
    4. 1972
  2. The Forest (Conservation) Act extends to the whole of India except:
    1. Haryana
    2. Jammu and Kashmir
    3. Karnataka
    4. Uttar Pardesh
  3. Penalty for conservation of the provisions of the Forest Act is under:
    1. Section 4A
    2. Section 3A
    3. Section 8A
    4. Section 12A
  4. Offences by the Authorities and Government Department in Forest Act is under:
    1. Section 5A
    2. Section 3B
    3. Section 8A
    4. Section 5B


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