Sources of Finance

  1. Under the lease agreement, the lessee gets the right to
    1. Share profits earned by the lessor
    2. Participate in the management of the organisation
    3. Use the asset for a specified period
    4. Sell the assets
  2. Funds required for purchasing current assets is an example of
    1. Fixed capital requirement
    2. Ploughing back of profits
    3. Working capital requirement
    4. Lease financing
  3. Public deposits are the deposits that are raised directly from
    1. The public
    2. The directors
    3. The auditors
    4. The owners
  4. Equity shareholders are called
    1. Owners of the company
    2. Partners of the company
    3. Executives of the company
    4. Guardian of the company
  5. ADRs are issued in
    1. Canada
    2. China
    3. India
    4. USA
  6. Under the factoring arrangement, the factor
    1. Produces and distributes the goods or services
    2. Makes the payment on behalf of the client
    3. Collects the client's debt or account receivables
    4. Transfer the goods from one place to another
  7. The term 'redeemable' is used for
    1. Preference shares
    2. Commercial paper
    3. Equity shares
    4. Public deposits
  8. Debentures represent
    1. Fixed capital of the company
    2. Permahent capital of the company
    3. Fluctuating capital of the company
    4. Loan capital of the company
  9. The maturity period of a commercial paper usually ranges from
    1. 20 to 40 days
    2. 60 to 90 days
    3. 120 to 365 days
    4. 90 to 364 days
  10. Internal sources of capital are those that are
    1. Generated through outsiders such as suppliers
    2. Generated through loans from commercial banks
    3. Generated through issue of shares
    4. Generated within the business
  11. Which is the source of mid-term finance?
    1. Micro Credit
    2. Specialized Financial Institution
    3. Collect Advances from Purchasers
    4. Discounting the Bills Receivable
  12. Which of the following factors that are considered to solve the financial problems of business organizations are-   i. Cost of Capital Supply    ii. Importance and Objectives of capital     iii. Different types of benefits
    1. i and ii
    2. i and iii
    3. ii and iii
    4. i, ii and iii


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